Burgers, Pizzas, Loaded Fries, Beers & Cocktails. Our Friday & Saturday evenings have proved themselves to be a massive hit! Bookings and pre-orders are strongly advised as these are our busiest times. Book your table using our OpenTable widget and pre-order your takeaway using our online ordering system. Due to popular demand we will be expanding our evenings in 2022, Follow our facebook for updates! 

Signature Burgers

      From the Preseli Hills to Broad Haven Beach. 

                 All our Signature Burgers are made with locally sourced Pembrokeshire Beef

and served with a Brioche Bun.

Plain Jane

Bun Burger • Bun

If it Ain't Broke

5oz Patty • Lettuce • Tomato • Caramelised Onions • Burger Sauce

Fun Guy (V/Ve)

Beer-batted Mushroom • Cheddar - Lettuce • Tomato

Caramelised Onions • Chipotle Sauce

Jamaican Chook

Jamaican Seasoned Chicken Breast • Avocado • Lettuce

Tomato • BBQ Sauce

Don't Knock It

5oz Patty - Bacon • Lettuce • Tomato • Caramelised Onions

• Peanut Butter

                                   Never Seen Herbivore                                

BBQ Pulled Jackfruit • Vegan cheese • Lettuce • Tomato

                               Fry Like A Bird                                

  Southern Fried Chicken •Gherkin •Lettuce •Tomato •Honey & Chipotle

Cheesy Swine

  5oz Patty • Cheddar • Bacon • Lettuce • Tomato • Caramelised Onions 

Jalapeno Business    

5oz Patty •Cheese •Onions •Lettuce •Jalapenos •Chipotle

Nacho Average Burger

5oz Patty • Nacho Cheese • Jalapenos • Avocado • Nachos

                             Double Or Nothing                              

2 x 5oz patty’s •Cheese •Gherkin •Lettuce •Tomato


Mac & Cheese Burger

•5oz patty • Cheese • Bacon • Mac & Cheese • Lettuce • Tomato

Loaded Fries 

• Nacho Cheese • Nacho Chilli Cheese 

• BBQ Pulled Jackfruit (Ve) • Halloumi, Mac & Cheese

Gluten Free 

Double Up 

Add Slaw & Skin on fries 


  Authentic Italian Pizzas

All of our pizzas are hand stretched to as close

to 12” as possible and made with the finest ingredients

sourced from Italy. 


                              •Tomato Base •Mozzarella •Tomatoes •Basil                                   



                                      The Veggie (V)                                    

•Tomato Base •Mozzarella •Mushrooms

•Red Onion •Pepper •Black Olives •Wild Rocket

                                Garlic Prawn                                

  •Garlic Butter Base •Mozzarella •Prawns

•Wild Rocket

                              Heaters Gonna Heat                               

•Tomato base •Mozzarella •Italian sausage

•Chorizo •Red pepper •Jalapenos •Chilli flakes


•Garlic Butter Base •Mozzarella

•Homemade Italian Sausage •Pancetta •Mushrooms •Parmesan

                                   No Bun Intended                                

•Tomato base  •Mozzarella

     •Beef •Bacon •Cheese, Gherkin     


                                    Greedy Pig                                  

•Tomato Base •Mozzarella

•Chorizo •Homemade Italian Sausage •Pancetta

•Ham •Wild Rocket


Gluten Free & Vegan Versions Available..